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Business May 24, 2022

Yoyo Pro: Personalised customer loyalty and rewards

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A customer redeems at POS with a Yoyo Pro white-label solution.

More and more businesses today are appreciating the value of personalised customer loyalty. Access to and acting on data is vital in allowing any brand to build a picture of its customers and to make sure the products it offers match the needs of its customers.

The value of personalised customer loyalty


The secret to successful loyalty programmes is understanding why consumers keep coming back for more. Only, today, it’s no secret. In fact, customers reveal precisely what they’re looking for, why they return, and where they’re likely to go next on a daily basis. Every transaction, online activity, comment, and referral generates mass data – which can be used to strategically grow an effective personalised loyalty programme.

In an increasingly competitive world, businesses have to appeal to their customer’s hearts, minds, and wallets. Traditional methods of retaining customer loyalty are rapidly becoming obsolete; today, personalised loyalty by way of big data makes for some of the most effective ways to secure brand loyalty.

Proper implementation = proper success


Rewards programmes are widely misunderstood and often misapplied. When it comes to design and implementation, too many businesses treat rewards as short-term promotional giveaways or specials of the month. Approached that way, rewards can create some value by motivating new or existing customers to try a product or service. But until they are designed to build long-term loyalty, they will only return a small fraction of their potential value.

A well-implemented rewards programme can accelerate the loyalty lifecycle, encouraging first-or second-year customers to behave like a business’ most profitable die-hards – but only if it is planned as part of a larger strategy. Businesses must find ways to share value with customers in proportion to the value the customers’ loyalty creates. The goal must be to develop a system through which customers are continually educated about the rewards of loyalty and motivated to earn them.

Is your programme working for you?


No matter what your industry or business vertical, you can always find a way to reward customers for their loyalty (and their hard-earned money) with additional, exclusive benefits.

As a business owner yourself, you might already be a member of a few customer loyalty programmes – for example, a frequent flyer programme, or a customer referral bonus – but you might not know how to best apply your own programme (if you have one) that’s most appropriate for your own business.

In the increasingly competitive and crowded business space, a well implemented, personalised customer loyalty programme could be what differentiates you from your competitors – and what keeps your customers coming back.

With Yoyo Pro – our very own personalised loyalty offering – some of our clients have seen a 13% rise in spend, 26% average increase in transaction frequency, and a 45% increase in 2nd visits.

Level up your personalised customer loyalty


Yoyo Pro offers a suite of powerful product features that have been conceptualised and built to enhance your customers’ lives and build your business. It’s what takes it from a simple incentive programme to a powerful rewards solution.

As a Yoyo Pro client, you’ll receive a branded loyalty app of your own. You’ll be able to:

• Offer sign up deals to onboard customers and use them for a stand-out referral campaign.

• Grow your database, get to know your customers, and gain regular feedback.

• Identify slipping customers and incentivise them to get back in store – give them what they want, when they want it.

• Prove that you understand your customers via segmenting and targeting. It will drive increased basket values and frequency.

More customers, spending more, more often


Yoyo Pro unlocks the power of payment data, empowering some of the world’s leading brands to engage, retain, and attract new shoppers.

“Yoyo enables us to get closer to our customers and build better longer term relationships” – James Flett, Caffè Nero.

If your quick service restaurant, supermarket, or health and beauty chain has a 50+ outlet footprint, and you want to offer your customers more rewarding buying experiences, look no further.

What’s more, incorporating Yoyo Pro into your business doesn’t mean giving up on your existing technology. We work with leading ordering and EPOS partners to ensure that implementation is easy and hassle-free. And if it isn’t, we can seamlessly do so through a single API integration.


Power up with Yoyo Pro