Yo Yo Noodle

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Yo Yo's iconic red noodle boxes stand for fresh food, fast! The innovative A,B,C menu offers up to 1,000 unique combinations, with all the ingredients prepared on-site each morning. Combine fresh vegetables with fresh sauces and- you guessed it- fresh meat or seafood for a unique fast food experience.


Create something new every time. It’s as easy as A, B, C!

Faster, fresher and better than ever, after years of preparation Yo Yo Noodle is finally ready to franchise. We’re offering the opportunity to be the owner of a fast food restaurant with a difference. Our unique menu concept appeals to a broad range of ages and market sectors, offering over 1,000 unique combinations of fresh, balanced and health-conscious dishes. From wok to box, our delicious noodles are ready to take away in a matter of minutes.

Not only is it a proven system, it’s backed by a passionate, professional team with serious business credentials.

Team Yo Yo Noodle is welcoming new franchisees all the time.